Need Help?

If you need help with using cfRegex, or with regex in general, you can ask questions on the cfregex group.

If you are new to regex, before posting to the group, take a look through the documentation, which covers all the features and functionality provided by cfRegex, as well as going into more general regex concepts and features.

The aim of the docs is to provide a basic understanding of how everything works, (and may even answer your question before you've asked it), but they also contain useful information about things that experienced regex users might not know, so don't be put off reading them whatever your level.

The documentation is still a work in progress, so whilst it tries to cover everything you need to know, it may miss things. If you have any questions about cfRegex, the documentation, or the website in general, please do ask. This is a new project so there can be no stupid questions!

(For questions about development of cfRegex, see cfregex-dev, as mentioned in the column opposite.)

Have Ideas?

If you have any feedback for the project, would like to discuss the implemenation of particular features, or have questions relating to the sourcecode of cfRegex, there is the cfregex-dev group.

Basically, anything related to how the software works can be discussed in cfregex-dev, whilst questions on how to use the software are better asked in the general cfregex group.

NOTE: This is an open group, you do not need to be on the cfRegex development team to post in it.

Other Contact

If you need to get in touch directly, or for any reason you would prefer not to post to a public discussion group, you can send an email direct to peter[at][thisdomain].